How To Create Your First Successful Blog on WordPress

How To Create Your First Successful Blog on WordPress

In this day and age of communication, every one of us has something to say and needs a platform to say it. Whether personal or business you hardly need a WordPress web designer to come up with a stunning WordPress website design. You too can start now and be successful in growing your website and business or just as a platform to reach a greater audience for your posts. And what better place to start than with WordPress used by more than 25% of the top ten million websites and proudly the best blogging system on the entire web. The key advantage of the WordPress platform is the fact that you can choose your WordPress web design settling for something that suits your needs like the WordPress responsive website designs or WordPress and woo commerce web design.

How to create a WordPress website design in three easy steps

Step #1: Choose a domain name

When selecting a domain name for your new WordPress website, here are a few guidelines and tips to ensure that you get it right the first time.

  • Match the WordPress site’s domain name to your business name or the name of the organization. This makes it easier for visitors to recall the domain name and search engines to view you site for your company’s name searches. You can also match a keyword if the keyword for your brand is also in your business name.
  • Use familiar .com and .net or .org extensions rather than the emerging strange ones like .pizza, etc. these can make your website almost invisible to sear engine users
  • Make it memorable
  • Choose a catchy name
  • One that goes with your personal or business brand

Step #2: Choose a web hosting service for your WordPress website

Web hosting is your connection to your website to the internet.

 While the WordPress CMS platform is free and perfect for starting your first blog online, the web hosting service may not be. Don’t worry; you don’t need to rob a bank, it cheap going for $5 a month or even less on some of the best hosts like

Tips for choosing web hosting service for your WordPress website

  • As a beginner don’t host your website
  • Avoid free hosting services if you can
  • Choosing a good host will ensure your site loads quickly

Step #3: Installing and customizing your WordPress website design

Having acquired a domain name and rented space on a web hosting service now is the high time to set up and tweak your WordPress web design. It is easy; you do not have to be an experienced WordPress web designer to do it.

Ways to install WordPress to your domain.

  1. Log in to your web host
  2. In the control panel select WordPress and choose the domain you need to install it on
  3. Start installation mission accomplished!

Now all is left is the tons of customization and configuration for your new website to run at the optimum potential. You should carefully choose a theme; add content and install plug-ins to expand your WordPress website design capabilities.

5 things that you should know about online marketing in Bangladesh

Nowadays, businesses have realized the importance of online marketing in Bangladesh, irrespective of their business size. They are using various innovative marketing and advertising strategies to make their business, brand, product or service visible and easily reachable for the people with the help of online marketing. To get the utmost results from this, what they need is to keep up with the latest digital marketing trends. If you are not sure how to get started, then you can contact agencies like traffic inbound.

Here are 5 things which you must know about online marketing in Bangladesh

1. You need to have a mobile optimized site

People are spending a lot of their time on the internet, especially via smartphones. The usage of mobile internet has been increased in the past few years. Even Google has changed its algorithm by giving a higher weightage to those sites which are mobile-optimized. Thus, make sure your site is mobile-friendly. Use responsive design so that it will respond as per the device on which it is used displaying all the contents correctly.

2. Local search is the key to success

In the last few years, it is been noticed that people are using their phones more for searching anything on the internet instead of using the desktop or laptop. Most of those searchers are done while the user is on the go and want to find a local business. By seeing this, Google also made few changes and started favoring local business as per local search. So if you have a business in any area of Bangladesh, you need to list it down to get more consumers from the vicinity.

3. Don’t forget email marketing

Email is still an effective digital marketing tool, especially for small businesses. While developing your email marketing strategies, you need to think about mobile-first to get the maximum results.

Keep them short, be clear with the call to action, keep the design simple yet attractive and use a lot of space while writing so that users can read it clearly while giving their eyes some rest. Following these tips will significantly help you in the online marketing of your brand.

4. Time to use videos

The craze for online videos is increasing day by day. Marketers have even started deploying videos in their marketing strategies to engage their audience more compellingly and interestingly. It also helps in keeping the user for a longer time on your site, which directly gets noticed by the search engine, making your site more favorable and resulting in better ranking.

5. Use paid Facebook ads

Social media is full of opportunities, especially if we are talking about promotions and marketing. You can use paid ads on Facebook to get better results, to target the audience and to easily convey your message to a larger audience. Since people are fond of using social media, it’s better if you use it to your advantage to build a user base for your brand.


Online marketing in Bangladesh can easily be done by using all these things. These are convenient, affordable means to spread the word about your business.

How Facebook Marketing Bangladesh service can bring more customer

How Facebook Marketing Bangladesh service can bring more customer

Facebook marketing is quite popular in today’s time when we all live in a virtual world. And most of the people are comfortable in different types of social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. So business persons are considering this platform for marketing of their product. In this endeavor, Bangladesh has not left behind also. Bangladesh is quite accustomed to this sector right now. Different types of small and large businesses are growing so well on the basis of social media especially Facebook only in Bangladesh. So Facebook marketing Bangladesh is really relevant in this world.

How to bring more customer?

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms right now. So it is the best option for people to get the things done and also to get the right things through the platform. Because of this need, Facebook is totally going to reshape their marketing platform. They are planning to launch new ways for the businessmen to make the marketing procedure easier for them. And also the new interface will be more user-friendly so that more and more customers take an interest in this business plans. This is the effect of social media platform among the mass of the whole world and Bangladesh also is a part of this.

Who can use this?

As the social media platform does not need any office spaces or commutation, the housewives, students or retired persons can also open some business which they can monitor being at home only. So the people like this can start their own business through the Facebook instead of sitting idly at home. And because of some remarkable progress in Bangladesh in the last few years, they also have taken this social media platform very seriously and started using it as the main path of their whole marketing procedure. So social media marketing Bangladesh is not at all left behind.

Advantages and Disadvantages

There are so many advantages and also some disadvantages in social media marketing. The main social media advantages are like in this type of platform you can communicate very well with the customers and also the customers can communicate with the Businessman very efficiently. You can always monitor which product is in demand and which is not. This can help you in taking the next step in your business. There are many platforms in Bangladesh to ensure this to happen. The main disadvantage of this practice is the inability to check the real-time quality of the product or to try it to check if the things are right.


There are so many platforms which can help you to make the right decision about Facebook marketing in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a developing country, and they are slowly taking the place of social media platform marketing genre. Facebook marketing is viral in Bangladesh as well as in India. So many people are out there to checking the things on their phones or laptops only. So it will be effortless for them too to communicate with the Businessman by those apps.

Trafficinbound starts its operation to service Bangladeshi local businesses

Trafficinbound starts its operation to Service Bangladeshi local businesses

In today’s age of the Internet, website traffic has become crucial to making any business succeed. Now a day, People are more into online shopping and why not they should be, as they are getting each and every single product and service available online. Online business has become more attractive for the potential customers and visitors as it allows shopping for the products they are looking for, from the comfort of their home.

Trafficinbound social media is an agency in Bangladesh that deals in providing all those digital marketing strategies that are needed to give a great start to your new business venture. It deals in web-designing, search engine optimization, and social media marketing.

Things to Consider while starting a new business

To start any business it is imperative to have a website as it not only allows you to market business online but makes a business accessible and approachable to customers. Websites give a plot to customers to write their views and share their experiences about the product or services and thus, helps the company to keep a check on its quality of product or services they provide. It enhances the acceptability and authority of the company and proves very helpful in building goodwill.

There are many search engines to find and choose what customers are looking for. Its Search engine optimization (SEO), i.e., search engine optimization that helps your search engine to be more visible to the potential customers who are looking for the product that you offer. SEO makes a web page in a way that can be noticed, dragged and categorized in no time. In digital marketing strategy, it has become an intrinsic segment.

Social Media provides an excellent platform for the customers to find your web page and go through your site. It helps the business person also to know about the customers and understand their needs. Moreover, being visible worldwide, you will tend to have more visitors that bring you more customers and generate more sales.

Bangladesh is a developing country with a population of around 156 million. To match the growth with the growing world, it is necessary to come forward and accept technology as an essential tool to flourish and succeed in all spheres of work. Now it is the time to do smart businesses that make the products and services available to the customers by just browsing online.

Trafficinbound performs ample research, testing and knows how to attract the customers who are more likely to buy. It makes it easier for the customers to discover your deals, out of countless companies. This is done by consolidating pictures, graphic designs,  technique, widgets, and text that chiefly allure or appeal to the target customers. The head office of trafficinbound is at Dhaka, and now it is going to start its operations for local businesses as well in Bangladesh.

If you live in Bangladesh and planning to start a new business, then your success is just a click away. Visit to make all the digital marketing services available for you and proliferate your business with the blend of hard work and right use of technology.